Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

    Computer Education for Graduates
    Computer Education for Undergraduates
    Distance Education for Computers
    e-Health Technologies
    Emerging Technologies
    Environmental Technology Management
    Global Production Network
    Green Technologies
    Human Resource Management
    Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies
    Information and Communication Technology Management
    IT Management: e-Government, Health Informatics, e-Commerce
    Knowledge Management Technology
    Life-long Education Technology
    Management of Innovation and Technology
    Management of Nuclear / Energy Technologies
    Management of Technology Education and Research
    Management of Technology for the Knowledge Economy
    Management of Technology in Developing Countries
    Risk Management Technology
    Semantic Web and Ontology Management Technology
    Small and Medium Enterprises
    Social Impact of Technology Development
    Supply Chain Management Technology
    Sustainable Development
    Sustainable Innovation and Technology Incubation
    Technological Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
    Technology Foresight and Forecasting
    Technology in the Financial / Services Sector
    Technology Intelligence and Planning
    Technology Strategy
    Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization
    Telecommunications Technology, Health Services, and Technology Assessment
    Telemedicine Technologies and Telehealth Services
    The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies
    Theory of Technology
    Water Desalination Technologies
    Web Technologies and Information Management