About School of Information Science and Engineering of Southeast University

School of Information Science and Engineering of Southeast University was formerly  Department of Radio Engineering of Nanjing Institute of Technology. Its long history can be traced back to Department of Electrical Engineering(EE) of National Southeast University in 1923. In 1928, Department of EE of National Southeast University was renamed Department of EE of National Central University. In 1932, Prof. CHEN Zhang came to the department. Since 1936, he has served as the director of the department. During this period, he pioneered the radio education in China. In 1952, Nanjing Institute of Technology was established in the adjustment of colleges and universities nationwide. Department of EE was divided into Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Telecommunications Engineering. Later, Department of Telecommunications of Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, and Shandong Institute of Technology incorporated and established Department of Radio Engineering. Professor Chen Zhang served as the first dean of the department. In 1956, about one-third of the teachers transferred to Chengdu to support the newly-built Chengdu Telecommunications Engineering Institute (now University of Electronic Science and Technology). In 1961, Department of Electrical Vacuum Devices was separated from Department of Radio Engineering, and Department of Electronic Devices (now School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University) was established. In 2006, Department of Radio Engineering was renamed School of Information Science and Engineering. In April 2018, Information Security discipline was separated from the school, with some relevant disciplines formed School of Cyberspace Security.

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